One size fits all or one size fits most. What size is that? Now we are all confused. Women come in all shapes and sizes, so this garment is going to be perfect on one body type, too big or too small on another.

Many of us women face challenges when we go shopping, because we think something looks great on the hanger or the mannequin but once we try it on and look in the mirror it looks awful on us. The reason for that is it just may not compliment YOUR body.

Let’s talk about Your Body Shape, this will help you better understand the next time you go shopping and try on, or worst shop online and order a cart full of cute clothes and become upset when nothing fits you right.

So, all my ladies that are shaped like the Beyoncé’s and the Kim Kardashian - West of the world are larger on the bottom. If you are like these ladies than the goal is to highlight your upper body area to emphasize your waist and to look portioned from head to toe. You may find that when you wear darker colors on the bottom it minimizes your hips and butt and draws the attention up towards the lighter color. Another stylist tip is to embellish and accent the upper area to draw attention (i,e shoulder area). Think of an hour glass proportioned top and bottom with a smaller mid-section and waist.

Next, we have the opposite shaped ladies. So, all my ladies that are shaped like the Wendy Williams and Tyra Banks of the world. You are larger on top and smaller on the bottom. Now sometimes, if you are unsure looking in the mirror then you may need to measure yourself. But if it’s clear than the next step is to proportion that bottom area to match the top. A Stylist tip would be to try on a Fit & Flair or peplum look.

If you have an athletic or a model build like, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cameron Diaz shapes of the world. You may notice that from top to bottom you are straight with little to no definition in waist. A stylist tip is to create curves with materials, pockets, necklines, add dimension with layers.

Some of you ladies may be confused looking in the mirror but once you measure yourself you will realize that your highest number is right in that mid-section. You are the Oprah Winfrey’s and Queen Latifah’s of the world. So, if you are larger in your midsection then your goal is to define the smallest area of your waist. A few stylist tips are Illusion patterns and prints that cause the eye to wander and not focus on one focal point. Try single button jackets or a peplum style. Play around with belts in the small part of your midsection. A-Line Skirts, dresses and wide leg pants are a few pieces that will compliment your shape.

If your shoulders and hips are of equal proportion, and your waist is small and defined, then consider yourself #bodygoals. Since many items look great on you, here is a stylist tip of items you should avoid: shapeless tops and dresses. But, if you are still confused when you shop start looking for items that showoff your defined waist like belts. Also, close fitting garments, fit and flare and wrap dresses are perfect for your body type.

Here a few looks to dress your bodyshape styled by Party Primadonna:

Larger on the bottom


  Larger on the top 

Shoulders to Hips are straight - little to no defined curve

Larger in the midsection

Shoulders and hips are of equal proportion, and your waist is small and defined #BodyGoals

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