Will the real Party Primadonna please stand up? Who is the face behind the brand?

I remember it like it was yesterday. Excited and nervous, I was off to one of my first speaking engagements, facilitating a workshop on the importance of telling your story through your brand. My audience consisted of board members of a non-profit organization focused on extending their reach and impacting more women and families who needed their services. I remember using Danielle Tyson’s company as one of the examples on the importance of owning your brand and the perception it portrays to those around you. When I mentioned Party Primadonna, I mentioned her clothing line at that time and all that her business encompassed. I then asked the women in the room to explain who they thought Danielle was. Everyone was unanimous, they thought she was a 20- something year old, Caucasian young woman, who chose to focus on one thing and yup you know what they thought that was… the art of partying. Laughing inside, knowing that she was the complete opposite of what they described, I began to share the very thing Danielle shared with me when I first began coaching the young and FABULOUS visionary. What I shared with the women completely changed how they viewed the brand that they previously thought represented something superficial and frivolous. What was so special that changed their assessment of this company? I first started with the definition of PRIMADONNA. Often people mistake this to mean diva, or a woman who is high maintenance and hard to work with or be around. Although the English dictionary describes a primadonna through that very lens, the Italian origin of the word translates into something more empowering … First Lady. I then shared that the purpose of Danielle’s movement is simple and impactful, Celebrate the First Lady in YOU!  I went on further to show Danielle’s empowering posts on women celebrating their sense of style coupled with fashion illustrations and positive quotes, I also shared her constant philanthropy in helping women and those in need. I emphasized her strength and determination to always own what she is portraying to the world, refusing to let anyone define her brand and what she stands for! So even if you once have mistaken her for a young college co-ed only concerned with a good time, you quickly comprehend the complexity and importance of her contribution to empowering women.

So now I turn to you, the woman who wakes up every morning getting ready to SLAY each day. Do you celebrate the first lady within you or are you just standing by allowing others to define when and if you should be recognized and/or celebrated? When it comes to your professional brand do you own how peers and upper level management view you at the very core of who you are and what you stand for or do you hide behind a job title, hoping to just stay below the radar to do the bare minimum and receive a check at the end of every two weeks?  In your personal life do you confidently stand out in a room of many, or do you desire to blend into the background praying not to be seen?

I understand it can be difficult, putting yourself out there to be seen and judged when at the end of the day we do a number on our self-esteem judging ourselves. I didn’t want to own my wide hips, big backside, and somewhat cushiony midsection.  I didn’t want to own the additional weight gained after baby number two. I didn’t want to own the sadness and disgust every time I put on a skirt or dress. Learning how to love myself curves, flaws, and all, assisted in the growth necessary for me to accept the very attributes that make up my coke bottle frame.  Better yet, I learned what type of clothes accentuates my womanly shape and how to absolutely fall back in love with my image when I look in the mirror. Danielle taught me I am the everyday woman who deserves to be celebrated each and every day of her life! Be empowered to own my image, be liberated in learning to love myself, and be daring enough to challenge myself to try things that I may have never thought I would before! Grab your crown, grab your glass, and get ready to "Celebrate The First Lady In You".


Written by: Nicole E. Doss

Nicole E. Doss

The Prestige Society - President/CEO